Great Data Stories Will Always Be About People

How to Build a Data Culture

How to build a data culture for the greatest return on your data investment Earlier this year, business management consulting firm NewVantage released a report looking at big data and artificial intelligence. According to the report, while investment in data is at an all time high, some companies aren’t seeing the desired results from their…Read More

5 Reasons Why Digitization is a Must For Your Business

The changing consumer demands, continuous technological advancement, and growth of competitive businesses are challenging to entrepreneurs. Newer businesses have the advantage of innovative business models by applying new approaches to old model. As such, they are able to make money by finding their niche and beating out the competition. While more established businesses are faced…Read More

How to Use Internal Data for Brand Storytelling

How to Use Internal Data for Brand Storytelling graphic

Enterprise content marketing platform Skyword recently released the results of a study examining the habits of 1000 content marketers. According to the report only 10 percent of content marketers have embraced branded storytelling, despite its proven effectiveness. The report found that among those top-performing content marketers, 52 percent have embraced storytelling. Companies struggle to develop…Read More

How to Make Your Company’s Internal Data Work for You

As we’ve discussed previously on the Treehouse Technology Group Blog, companies capture data in many ways from many sources.  However, one source that may have greater benefits than previously imagined is your company’s internal data. Internal data is information, statistics, and trends that organizations discover through their operations. It includes facts and figures that companies…Read More