The Unseen Warrior: How Data Analytics, Machine Learning, and Artificial Intelligence are Working to Identify and Fight the Coronavirus Pandemic

Corona Virus Spread Treehouse Technology Group

As humanity grapples with the global crisis of the coronavirus pandemic, urgent action is needed on multiple fronts. Equipping healthcare facilities, educating the public, implementing measures to prevent the spread, developing drugs, and allocating funds and other resources are some of the priorities for governments and other organizations.  In order to make the right decision…Read More

Big Data is Better Data…Right?

does big data mean better data

Is big data always better data? In other words, is it always helpful to have more data? Not necessarily — and here’s why.  From the time we first got excited about big data, we were told that the magic lies in the ability to find meaningful insights from large data sets, or data so voluminous…Read More

4 Big Data Challenges For Businesses

In recent years, a large number of enterprises planned and implemented projects based on big data analytics with the aim of gaining insights that would further their business objectives. Unfortunately, not all those initiatives succeeded in delivering tangible business value. It’s not surprising that a 2019 survey by NewVantage found that 77% of businesses reported…Read More

7 Emerging Big Data Trends

trends in big data

In an article published in 2005 entitled, “What is Web 2.0?”, Tim O’Reilly first used the term “Big Data” to refer to a large set of data that is almost impossible to manage and process using traditional business intelligence tools. The use of that term peaked between 2013 and 2015, and even found a place…Read More

6 Big Data Software Requirements

big data software requirements

What is big data analytics?  Big data analytics helps users collect and analyze large-sized data sets that have a varied mix of content. This analysis delivers insights into the content through the exploration of data patterns. This data set can include of variety of subjects, from buying preferences of customers to trends setting the markets….Read More

Data Analytics Examples by Industry

industry specific data analytics examples

Data analytics has proved to be an effective tool in dealing with a variety of real-world problems and a dependable methodology to make informed business decisions. Continuous advancements in analytics and artificial intelligence are creating intelligent systems that can analyze trends, predict phenomena and even take certain actions that closely resemble what humans would do….Read More

Unexpected Data Analytics Benefits

data analytic benefits

Data analytics projects are often undertaken to achieve a specific objective or find answers to a set of questions. While it is important to have objectives at the start — as they help to define the direction of analysis — serendipity also plays a role in unearthing insights. Businesses today collect huge volumes of data…Read More

Predictive Data Analytics Techniques

predictive data analytics trends

Predictive data analytic techniques are a powerful resource to use, helping businesses forecast future outcomes. Predictive analytical methods are applied in order to find the most probable answer to specific questions such as, “how long will this machine keep working before it breaks down?” or “how likely is it that this borrower will default on…Read More