How Blockchain Could Disrupt Banking

In 2016, the The International Securities Association for Institutional Trade Communication released the results of its annual member survey looking at the future of the global financial industry. According to the report, 62 percent of firms saw investment in technology as a top area of focus in 2016-2017. Specifically, the firms cited increased interest in…Read More

Avoiding Visualization Failures

An important component to big data management is transforming your analytics into a visual representation that can be easily digested by stakeholders. Data visualization can be a powerful tool that has a strong impact. Unfortunately, there are also a number of ways in which data visualization can go awry. There have been numerous examples of…Read More

Rapid Application Development in Healthcare

In 2014, Becker’s Hospital Review, a hospital business magazine, released a report exploring the various benefits of technology innovation in the healthcare industry. Overall, the report details how IT investment has an impact not only on an organization’s performance but also it’s bottom line. One of the hospitals mentioned in the report saw complications decrease…Read More

IoT and Healthcare: Safely and Effectively Merging Devices in the Healthcare Data Universe

  In 2017, Aruba Networks, an information technology and security company released a report looking at the impact Internet of Things (IoT) technology would have on the healthcare industry. According to Aruba Networks, the healthcare industry ranks third when it comes to IoT implementation. The company’s report found that 60 percent of healthcare organizations had…Read More

Unleashing Your Data to Increase Profits

  Last year, American software company Monetate released a report exploring how personalizing business communications can benefit a company.  The report included the results of a survey of more than 130 senior marketers at companies across the country. Among the report’s key finding was that personalization efforts increase profitability.  According to the report, 95 percent…Read More

Why you should migrate from Act! to Zoho CRM

According to a recent report by Deltek, a Virginia-based software company, information technology spending on customer relationship management in the government sector is increasing dramatically this year. The report is the result of a survey of 638 contractors working in the government IT market. It found that 26 percent of respondents are investing in CRM-based…Read More