In today's fast-evolving market landscape, every successful business needs to be digital at heart – powered by data and running in a multi-cloud world – to stay ahead. We can enable your organization to adapt quickly and thrive in today’s digital world—with confidence.

Our customers know that they have a digital transformation partner who listens, understands, and moves fearlessly with strategy, recommendations, and implementation. Our digital transformation solutions are based on a trusted foundation of experience and expertise that lowers risk and accelerates the time-to-value.

Data Architecture

Data architecture defines information flows in an organization and how they are controlled. Today’s data landscape is exploding with rapidly changing technologies, consumer engagement platforms, and data.

In order to stay competitive and agile, it is necessary for your organization to have a sound data framework in place. We take a holistic approach to understanding your business objectives and your existing data infrastructure and assets in order to define a clear data architecture to support these objects and drive data-driven decision-making across your organization.

Our Expertise

  • Define the logical layers and components of the existing data architecture
  • Devise a data strategy – Outline business objectives for improved collection and use of data.
  • Design data integration, data warehousing and reporting strategies
Close up of hand professional architect
Transformation - 2. Data Warehouse

Data Warehouse Development

Our team of Business Intelligence consultants can take care of each stage of your data warehouse development. Whether you need someone to build one from scratch or you just need remote management of a current system, we can help.

With Treehouse Technology Group, you can breathe easy knowing we focus all our projects on your needs and goals. Everything we do is focused on the customer, and it shows.

Our Expertise

  • We take your data out of spreadsheets and reports and into usable platforms
  • Tailored data warehousing solutions that are scalable, accurate, quick-to-respond and support advanced analytics
  • We help you centralize your data by creating enterprise data warehouse through data mart consolidation or migration from another platform

Data Analytics & Visualization

Robust data analytics is a desire and goal for all modern businesses. In order to be effective, analytics solutions must be designed within a model that perfectly aligns with your business. We focus on that perfect alignment and deliver it every time.

Our Expertise

  • Drive value through focused and relevant analytics
  • Enable faster access to insights through robust data collaboration and reporting processes
  • Develop mobile-first solutions to maximize data use and adoption
Transformation - 3. Data Analytics _ Visualization
Transformation - 4. Cloud Architecture

Cloud Architecture

Securing production environments requires a full understanding of the infrastructure behind them. Led up by peerless architects and staffed with experienced engineers, our practice areas for network, mobility, cloud, and virtualization are focused on helping you build secure and stable systems.

We leverage our knowledge and experience from network design, installation, and maintenance across every industry to audit your existing infrastructure and determine the overall health of your on-premise and cloud environment.

Our Expertise

  • Analyze and provide recommendations for your current environment
  • Build detailed roadmap for your future technology needs
  • Develop forward-looking infrastructure that aligns with your business objectives
  • Create detailed scope of work laying out the configuration components, workflow, and other relevant integration points

Enterprise Application Design

We have built trusted software for clients in all industries, and our collective experience helps us to quickly identify and understand your unique challenges. From web applications and hybrid workflows to mobile IoT devices that pave the way for the future, our team can provide a comprehensive range of software development solutions that are not only secure, reliable, and scalable, but solve your toughest challenges.

Our expertise and robust partnerships ensure deployments are secure, scalable, and well-integrated with other mission critical applications across your organization, helping to maximize the value of both new and legacy software investments.

Our Expertise

  • Modernize and integrate legacy applications
  • Develop and maintain line of business applications
  • Migrate to AWS or Azure Cloud and hybrid workflows
  • Implement enterprise intranet, extranet, HR, ERP, and CRM portals with custom functionality & more
Transformation - 5. Enterprise Application Design
Transformation - 6. Custom Solution Design

Custom Solution Design

Software solutions can prove to be game-changing to your organization. Whether it is a service or product offering you want to make to your end consumers or enhance in-house efficiency of operations and workflows, we can help bring your most innovative ideas to life.

Our Expertise

  • Estimate clear cost, timeline, and resource requirements for the project
  • Map the business requirements to each solution component
  • Provide the functional outline and technical architecture
  • Communicate clear expectations and processes for the building, testing, and measurable outcomes

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