One of the greatest challenges facing recruitment and staffing companies today is adopting automated and data-driven solutions that streamline their processes and enhance decision-making. In fact, more than a third of firms don’t automate during the prospecting, client engagement or account management stages; and about 40 percent don’t automate candidate selection, screening or nurturing at all.

Leveraging the right technology in the recruitment and staffing industry can give firms the competitive edge they need to identify qualified candidates and grow their business.

Treehouse Technology Group works with staffing and recruitment firms to develop and implement customized solutions that save them time and money by eliminating repetitive tasks, ultimately freeing recruiters to spend their time engaging with clients and interviewing applicants.

How The Staffing Industry Benefits from Automation


  • Comprehensive account management
  • Applicant tracking
  • Intelligent recruiting forecasting and planning
  • Automated executive reporting and dashboards
  • Credentialing process tracking
  • Client management portal
  • Revenue tracking and analysis
  • Candidate portal and placement status tracking

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