Peak Organic Case Study

In the summer of 2018, Treehouse Technology Group (TTG) partnered with Peak Organic Brewing Company, an organic, craft brewery based out of Portland, Maine. Our client was spending a significant amount of time manually adjusting and manipulating data downloaded from their legacy system, then entering the information into Google Sheets to manage their sales tracking, projections and inventory. Our client sought to create a new system that automatically imports information from the legacy system and does automatic adjustments -- eliminating the need for daily manual downloads and manipulations.


In early 2018, Treehouse Technology Group (TTG) partnered with a digital currency company, OBXcoin. Our client sought to create a cryptocurrency that was as easy-to-use as fiat money. This meant creating a currency that did not force customers to change their spending habits, while also providing an appealing option for merchants to accept as payment. With the plethora of cryptocurrency options, OBXcoin sought to create a digital currency that did not require hours of studying on how to buy a cryptocurrency or weeks of watching market fluctuation.

Saving Time Through Smarter Data Management

In 2017, Treehouse Technology Group began working with Envision Healthcare, one of the nation’s leading providers of healthcare services. Envision approached Treehouse Technology to better streamline it’s recruitment and staffing division. With 1000 hospital partners nationwide, the organization was looking to simplify it’s reporting processes and gain valuable insight from its data. Together the two groups worked to create a data management and reporting application that brought Envision’s operation into the 21st century.

Reaching Growth Targets Through Technology

​In 2016, TTG partnered with a money management and brokerage firm. This client recognized their need for an enhanced technology infrastructure that would allow them to exponentially expand their customer base.

Improved Workflows and Operational Scalability

In 2015, Treehouse Technology Group partnered with an information technology and telecommunications market research analyst firm. This client needed to create a centralized data management system that would allow them to more efficiently organize their data, more easily integrate data from outside sources, and better present their data in a way that would demonstrate the most value and provide the best insights.

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