The Psychology Behind Data Visualization

psychology behind data visualization

Data helps us to make sense of our world. We draw meaning, find patterns, make associations, create maps and models which help us get insights, understand trends, and make informed decisions. We seek and remember the stories that data tells. But the large volume and complexity of data can be difficult for our brains to…Read More

Is Your Business Presenting Data Visually?

why you should present data visually

Using data visualization techniques to present information visually highlights patterns and trends, enabling users to find meaning and delve further to uncover insights. Such techniques are growing in importance with more and more data being collected in every field of business, so much so that it is hard to tell what data is important and…Read More

Data Visualization Statistics

Data visualization statistics

Data is power. While we apply the power of data visualization to various aspects of our business operations, it’s interesting to look at the way in which data visualization is impacting the world, and how it came to doing so.  Here is a list of the most compelling data visualization statistics, facts and history: Statistics…Read More

The True Value of Data Visualization

value of data visualization

The power of data visualization to highlight trends, patterns, correlations, causes, and facilitate the achievement of a variety of business targets by equipping decision-makers with insights is amply recognized.  Let’s now look at the true value of data visualization by examining business outcomes that have been positively impacted by the availability of visual data. Specifically,…Read More

How to Improve Your Data Visualization Process

how to improve data visualization process

Organizations today receive an ever-increasing volume, velocity, and variety of data. A powerful organizational data visualization system can pull this data from multiple sources, analyze it and present it in the right visual formats that help decision making. In the absence of such a system, data is fragmented in silos across the company and there…Read More

Data Visualization Tools: Our Top 5 Picks

top data visualization tools

Data visualization tools or software play a vital role in enabling organizations to leverage the power of visual data and unlock value from the vast amount of data that’s generated. While some data visualization tools are standalone, others are integrated into a Business Intelligence (BI) platform. If you require advanced BI functionalities such as predictive…Read More

Data Visualization Techniques

data visualization techniques

There are many data visualization techniques that can be used to present your business’s information. While some software provides fancy, intricate techniques, we shouldn’t underestimate the value of simple graphical representation such as line diagrams, pie charts, etc.  After all, we learned to interpret these from a young age, so they still work very well…Read More

Top 5 Data Visualization Advantages

Top 5 data visualization advantages

There are many data visualization advantages that can help generate better results. Data visualization takes myriad data and synthesizes it into new forms.  This visually presented data enables viewers to easily explore it, understand it, and engage with it in ways most relevant to them.  With powerful applications in a variety of different situations, data…Read More