How Cryptocurrencies are Affecting Traditional Markets

In December 2017, the cryptocurrency market value surpassed $500 billion for the first time – an increase of more than 2,700% when it was just $17.7 billion at the year’s start. Furthermore, cryptocurrency trading platforms within the global market have reported adding more than 100,000 users per day, causing Binance – the global market’s largest…Read More

The Unexpected Downside of Fast Growth 

Downside of Fast Growth, Business Intelligence

Once upon a time you had an idea for a business. That idea germinated into a name, a product, and you were on your way. Along the path, though, there were many obstacles and high hurdles to leap over and sometimes you found yourself colliding with them instead. There were the wrong and costly turns…Read More

The Problem with Spreadsheets

It is amazing to consider how the number of companies that are reliant on spreadsheets to run their organization. Too many businesses have become dependent on spreadsheets to manage key business processes including contracting, payment calculations, inventory, sales, data management, and invoicing. Companies very often feel as though they don’t have much of a choice…Read More

Providing Inspiration One Plant at a Time

Open Work Building

With all of the hype surrounding open work spaces in recent years, businesses have been exploring ways to promote communication, collaboration and creativity. However, moving to open spaces has had mixed results. Those who work best in solitude, need privacy or simply can’t uncover creative insight while residing in a noisy workspace, are loathe to…Read More