5 Reasons to Start Report Automation

Spending hours extracting data and making reports can be a tedious task.  Manually pulling data then cutting and pasting to create reports only to then have to repeat the whole process on a weekly, monthly or quarterly basis is a massive waste of time and money.   By automating custom reports, there is no longer…Read More

Software Team Productivity

The following piece is from the Director of Operations at Treehouse Technology Group, JD Roger Software team productivity is an inherently difficult thing to put metrics — at least, quantitative metrics — around. Lines of code, bug rates, etc., are not necessarily good indicators of how well or poorly your software team is doing, especially…Read More

Guest Post: 8 Mobile Security Tips for 2019

The technology we use every day can pose a threat if not used properly, especially in the case of mobile security. We use our phones constantly throughout the day. This could be primarily due to work with emails, calls and messaging or it could be for personal entertainment such as using social apps or watching…Read More

Guest Blog: A New Age For Digital Advertising With Blockchain?

This is a guest post that was originally featured on Mint Dice.Treehouse Technology Group partners with companies like Mint Dice because as a leading Blockchain technology provider we seek to provide our readers with the most up-to-date Blockchain and Cryptocurrency information possible.Advertising has become an essential part of promoting any type of business available and even plays a role in…Read More

Structured vs. Unstructured Data

The rise of big data has raised many questions for decision makers of enterprise businesses.   One of these questions revolves around the topic of structured vs. unstructured data.  Understanding these data types can help companies make better data-based decisions and develop cost-saving solutions.   Data analysts and business stakeholders rely on data to produce actionable…Read More

Guest Blog: Utilizing Blockchain Technology in the Cannabis Industry

We partner with various guest bloggers to provide Treehouse Technology Group blog readers with the latest technology trends across industries.  This post was originally featured on the Made by Hemp website. Few industries are as misunderstood, or as complimentary, as cannabis and blockchain. Both niches are young and exist in highly speculative markets with foggy regulatory conditions, but have also received an influx of highly talented entrepreneurs and programmers looking to solve some of their respective industry’s largest problems. In order to truly understand…Read More

Guest Blog: Best Network Security Practices For 2019

A guest blog from Andrew Gazdecki at Foxpass. Foxpass increases your organization’s server and network security by ensuring employee accounts have access only to what they need. Their cloud-based LDAP, RADIUS, and server access control systems help you bring best security practices to your infrastructure. The network security industry is in a perpetual game of cat and rat (sorry,…Read More

Why Craft Breweries Need Data Management Systems

In a time when Goliaths with massive market shares control almost every sector, there exists an extraordinary anomaly: craft breweries.  In fact, between 2008 and 2016, the number of breweries expanded by a factor of six, and the number of brewery workers grew by 120 percent. With all this growth has come an overwhelming amount…Read More