How is Data Stored?

how is data stored

While data is acknowledged as the basis for business strategy and competitive advantage, the storage of that same data is often overlooked, or treated as a commodity. It’s time to change that — because how data is stored has a profound impact on your business, affecting data security, productivity, and costs.  Why the right data…Read More

The Importance of Data Integration for Your Business Success

When quality data is used for insights, enterprise businesses perform better. Extracting these insights from high volumes of data requires a robust and seamless data integration system. Businesses store their data in a variety of formats from databases to data warehouses.  Information gets added to these data stores on a daily basis, although much of…Read More

Why you should migrate from Act! to Zoho CRM

According to a recent report by Deltek, a Virginia-based software company, information technology spending on customer relationship management in the government sector is increasing dramatically this year. The report is the result of a survey of 638 contractors working in the government IT market. It found that 26 percent of respondents are investing in CRM-based…Read More

Systems Integration and Blockchain – A New Approach to Building an Enterprise Data Platform

Since the beginning of 2018, dozens of Fortune 100 companies have started to adopt blockchain technologies. The blockchain market is expected to grow to $8 billion by 2022 with new applications for this burgeoning technology launching at an increasingly rapid rate. Blockchain is the technology behind bitcoin, but those focusing on cryptocurrency are just scratching…Read More

Why You Need a CRM System to Scale Your Business

Managing relationships with customers and prospects is vital to the success of any business, particularly in today’s fast-paced world with heightened competition and increased client expectations. While some businesses scrape by doing the bare minimum to satisfy their clients, the most successful companies are those that invest the time and resources not only to respond…Read More