The Importance of Data Integration for Your Business Success

When quality data is used for insights, enterprise businesses perform better. Extracting these insights from high volumes of data requires a robust and seamless data integration system.

Businesses store their data in a variety of formats from databases to data warehouses.  Information gets added to these data stores on a daily basis, although much of the information is incomplete or inaccurate.  Last spring, we did a post on trusting your data that addresses scrubbing your data of some of these inaccuracies on a smaller scale.   However, extracting analysis-worthy information from a flood of big data is critical (albeit challenging due to the volume of incoming data). This can be accomplished by data integration software.

We’ve put together three reasons why data integration is key for your businesses success:

1. Unified Business Intelligence

Business intelligence (BI) encompasses everything from reporting, to predictive analytics, to operations, finance, and management. Unified BI is the result of proper data integration and of ensuring your reporting and analytics needs are available in one place, improving consistency and data harmonization across your company.

2. Data Agility

How quickly can you integrate new elements and metrics into your reports? If it takes months, and not hours or days, you can understand the importance of a proper data integration framework. A sign of a healthy data environment is one where new data is being introduced on a regular basis. Strong data integration capabilities will improve your agility.

3. Data Quality

Ensuring data quality can be a challenge, as it means determining what your data requirements are upfront, how to create them, and the level of tolerance for errors your organization will have.  Automating data integration eliminates most of the risk of not complying with your company’s data governance policies. It also increases both the accuracy and the value of the information available within the organization.

Next Steps:

Cloud-based, automated data integration combines data from all your applications, APIs, and databases and filters it into a single interface so you can query and manipulate it as needed.  

Treehouse Technology Group can help your organization to develop a secure method of data collection, combining all your current data silos into one location that easily scales with your business needs.

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