Data Analytics in Business to Increase Efficiency

data analytics to increase efficiency

We are witnessing a new way of productivity driven by data analytics, as organizations across sectors are enhancing their ability to collect, store, analyze and present data. Data analytics has the potential to transform processes and performance, delivering substantial efficiency increases.  In order to tap into these benefits, businesses need to put the right data…Read More

How to Improve Data Analytics at Your Company

how to improve data analytics at your company

Data analytics techniques are valuable for business managers to derive meaning from the large volume of data generated at various points in all business operations. The trends and insights that data analytics provide help make informed decisions — both strategic and tactical.  In many organizations today, the challenge is no longer the lack of data,…Read More

Understanding Data Analytics to Help Grow Your Business

how data analytics helps your business grow

“In God we trust, everyone else, bring data.” – This quote by W. Edwards Deming aptly summarizes the significance of data for the modern enterprise. Data: An Organization’s Most Precious Resource Consider this: successes of companies like Lyft and Airbnb, which have brought disruptive changes in their industries, have been based on the depth of…Read More

Interactive Data Visualization Examples

interactive data visualization examples

Data visualization is the representation of data in visual formats that incorporate charts, graphs and a variety of other illustrations. With the help of images, data visualization highlights relationships within the data and is a powerful tool for making complex and large amounts of data easy to comprehend.  Interactivity is a feature of modern data…Read More

Communicating Data Effectivey

how to communicate data effectively

The availability of good quality data is a great business asset and competitive advantage. Once you have gathered accurate and relevant data, you can use it to persuade potential buyers and close deals, build consensus within your own organization or devise competitive strategy.  In all these cases you need to present the data to various…Read More

7 Trends in Data Visualization That Matter

data visualization trends

Data visualization is an extremely powerful manner to generate business insights and arrive at better, data-driven decisions. The way in which visualizations are created has evolved over time — from the simple and static charts of the past to interactive, engaging visuals today. What are the current trends in data visualization that give us a…Read More

Accurate Data is Not Created Equal

understanding data accuracy

The quality of data cannot be stated in absolute terms as it is relative to the intended application.   The same set of data may be considered to be of good or poor quality based on a particular situation or application. Hence the saying that “all accurate data is not created equal.” Data is considered to…Read More

The Psychology Behind Data Visualization

psychology behind data visualization

Data helps us to make sense of our world. We draw meaning, find patterns, make associations, create maps and models which help us get insights, understand trends, and make informed decisions. We seek and remember the stories that data tells. But the large volume and complexity of data can be difficult for our brains to…Read More

Is Your Business Presenting Data Visually?

why you should present data visually

Using data visualization techniques to present information visually highlights patterns and trends, enabling users to find meaning and delve further to uncover insights. Such techniques are growing in importance with more and more data being collected in every field of business, so much so that it is hard to tell what data is important and…Read More

Data Visualization Statistics

Data visualization statistics

Data is power. While we apply the power of data visualization to various aspects of our business operations, it’s interesting to look at the way in which data visualization is impacting the world, and how it came to doing so.  Here is a list of the most compelling data visualization statistics, facts and history: Statistics…Read More