Why You Should Choose Treehouse Technology Group For Your Data Solutions

Selecting a data solutions provider is probably one of the most nerve wracking but crucial activities a business can undertake. Selecting the right provider can exponentially improve your operations, increase efficiency, and boost profits. However, choosing the wrong provider can lead to a waste of time and money, delayed projects, and often an irreparable cultural setback that will hamper future efforts.

When it comes time for your organization to make this decision, it might be tempting to default to using one of the “big guys” but as a recent article from CB Insights states, “when we look at the value chain with a critical eye, we can see vulnerabilities, disruption threats lurking, and smaller, more boutique firms booking success after success.”

Here are a few reasons why your company should consider choosing a boutique firm like Treehouse Technology Group for its data solutions:

  1. With Treehouse Technology Group, you’re not just a number.

The big technology companies have thousands of clients with even more deployments. As a result, you have to ask yourself, how does your organization rank in their priority?  Conversely, at TTG every client is important.  We have served small start-ups all the way up to Fortune 500 organizations and each one has received the same level of dedication from our team.  

At Treehouse Technology Group, you are not just a number, you are a name and a face with a problem we are passionate about solving.  

  1. We can provide you with a solution tailored to your business.

If you go with one of the big guys, they are going to want to implement their already built ERP, CRM, or other three letter system.  These companies are in business to make a profit and to satisfy their stakeholders. What that translates to is adding users to their applications. Not actually taking the time to understand your business first, and build a solution tailored to your needs.

On the other hand, Treehouse Technology Group makes the effort to understand every organization we work with from the ground up.  

  1. Utilize our specialized expertise.

Large technology providers will tell your company how to work within their systems but they won’t bring in the specific expertise you need in order to accomplish your exact goals.  At Treehouse Technology Group, our team will work with your organization to offer a customized solution that is ideal for your company.  

Consider as an analogy buying a suit off the rack at a department store versus having a custom tailored suit. The suit off the rack might have arms a little too long or shoulders a little too wide but the custom suit is tailored to fit you perfectly.  TTG is the custom tailored solution for your technology needs.

  1. At Treehouse Technology Group we are value driven.

At Treehouse Technology Group, our approach is to understand and identify where the most value is for your company, then we execute and deliver that solution. We seek to identify the biggest opportunities for increased value (through data and technology) within your company, not ours. The big companies work differently because they are not value driven, they are revenue driven. Their motivation is to sign up more users onto their existing systems.  

The Conclusion

When you are selecting a potential technology company, you are selecting a partner in your business and it is critical that you are able to trust them to work with you in a professional and profitable manner.  It is important that you chose a company that understands your requirements now and in the future.

Reach out to Treehouse Technology Group today to schedule a free consultation and uncover a custom solution for your technology needs.  

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