Storytelling Through Data That Drives Business

Identifying Business Solutions With Data Visualization

Having the data to back up your business decisions is not enough. Creating clear, dynamic data visualizations is not enough. To truly make your data work for you, it needs to tell a story. The story of your business success. Treehouse Technology Group makes storytelling with data easy through our robust data visualization tools and automated insights. Bring your data to life with data visualization storytelling, so it can inform your strategy and persuade your stakeholders.

Get Real-Time Data Storytelling Insights

Our Software Gives Your Storytelling a Data Structure:

Simplifying The Data Story

Answering the big business questions requires deep data understanding. Our software helps translate data analysis into simple terms, so your teams can follow every factor influencing your outcomes. Because of the more details you can see, the bolder your business picture.

Communicating Data Insights

How you present data can be the difference between losing a client and signing a deal. A data analyst needs to be able to communicate their findings with effective data visualization. Our software offers the most robust visualizations on the market. Improved workflows and seamless user experience make it easy to toggle between visualizations and bring data to life in the most compelling way, ensuring your audience is receiving the most engaging narrative your data points can produce. 


Connecting Data Visualizations

Connecting your data visualizations through better storytelling allows you to increase your deal size and close more deals. Actionable insights and patterns emerge when our software brings disparate data visualizations together on a single screen. Our automated insights take it one step further, revealing connections or the flaws in the data that the human eye misses.


Answering your strategic business questions requires multiple sources of data viewed from different angles. Our software targets the data insights that influence your specific company goals and brings them onto a dashboard in beautiful, dynamic, impactful data visualizations. The only element missing from creating your data visualization story and convincing your team is the human touch.    

Our Product

Treehouse Technology Group’s InsightOut™ is a data and analytics visualization platform customized to your business goals. Our proprietary framework helps companies understand the market trends influencing their industry and create benchmarks through qualitative and quantitative data. 

With InsightOut™, we create a data visualization approach that identifies inefficiencies and streamlines your reporting process. Our software automates data integration and insights so your employees spend less time on operations and more on the creative work that increases your revenue.  

Visualize Your Business Goals Through Data Storytelling

Who We Are

Fortune 500 companies run $1 billion worth of business through our custom analytics applications. We explored client data from a variety of industries to find the most valuable insights driving complex business problems, leveraging cutting-edge technology. We have used that experience to create a framework for small- and medium-sized businesses to increase revenue, decrease operational expenses, and visualize market trends using qualitative and quantitative data through our latest product, InsightOut™. 

We are not just technical experts, we are strategic business developers and certified experts in complex information exchanges. We take the complex data you have and build a customized platform that makes data work for you. Your business goals are unique. We want to give you unique insights to achieve them. 

Understand Your Data Story