TTG offers comprehensive token services for companies at any stage of development. We work with clients on the development of white papers for ICOs, offering robust knowledge on the underlying technology that supports the service’s capabilities. We also specialize in the architectural planning of tokens, from building out a plan and conducting a technical feasibility study to feature set documentation and best practice implementation.

ERC20 Token Contracts

We work with clients to develop ERC20 token contracts, crowdsale contracts, and additional service contracts including DAOs (decentralized autonomous organization) and Escrow.

Ethereum Token Wallets

We offer specialized and custom ethereum/token wallet development services used to store tokens and participate in token sales.

Token Testing

Our token testing services include unit testing and code review to ensure alignment with best practices and compliance with ERC-20 token standards. We also create test cases, run automated and manual tests, and document results. As part of our testing services, we also conduct small automated ICO simulations and a GAS/cost analysis of the ICO.

How we can help your organization:

  • ERC20 Token Contracts
  • Ethereum Token Wallets
  • Token Testing