Interactive Dashboards to Grow Your Business Find The Solutions to Your Business Needs With Real-Time Data Insights

Interacting with your data is the only real way to understand it. To gain insights about your business you need to see change and growth in real-time and drill down to the details when you think you know what is driving growth. Our interactive dashboard software brings the key metrics impacting your business today to your fingertips so you can find the filters that will shape tomorrow.

Make Decisions Using Real-Time Data

Our Interactive Dashboards Make Decisions Fast and Easy:

Increase Access to Data

Find your answers faster by looking into data or manipulating filters right on your interactive dashboard. No more searching through Excel documents or mining through support documents to see the factors influencing reports. See the quantitative and qualitative data populating your visualizations in a matter of clicks.

Discover Insights Quickly

Interactively filtering data and watching its effect on data visualizations helps you understand the variables influencing your business. When you can see your data changing in real-time on an interactive dashboard, stories emerge from your analytics that would never be visible on a static dashboard. Insights emerge quickly and intuitively instead of after-hours spent dissecting an Excel document. 

Understand What Drives Growth

An interactive data dashboard shows your data moving through time, providing you the understanding to make predictions and forecasts about your business’s growth. See on a single page what is working in your business and what is not, and analyze whether specific initiatives are on track. Drill down to specific dashboards to see how your company’s financial, sales, marketing, and operational efforts are progressing. 

Decision Making Based on Intelligent Feedback

You need feedback on how your business is doing today and how changes you are making are affecting your outcomes. With interactive dashboards, you can analyze data from multiple reporting tools to understand what business strategies are working and make adjustments to get you on track to your goals. 

Our Product

Treehouse Technology Group’s InsightOut™ is a data and analytics visualization platform customized to your business goals. Our proprietary framework helps companies understand the market trends influencing their industry and create benchmarks through qualitative and quantitative data. 

With InsightOut™, we create a data visualization approach that identifies inefficiencies and streamlines your reporting process. Our software automates data integration and insights so your employees spend less time on operations and more on the creative work that increases your revenue.  

Use Interactive Data to Help Make Business Decisions

Who We Are

Fortune 500 companies run $1 billion worth of business through our custom analytics applications. We explored client data from a variety of industries to find the most valuable insights driving complex business problems, leveraging cutting-edge technology. We have used that experience to create a framework for small- and medium-sized businesses to increase revenue, decrease operational expenses, and visualize market trends using qualitative and quantitative data through our latest product, InsightOut™. 

We are not just technical experts, we are strategic business developers and certified experts in complex information exchanges. We take the complex data you have and build a customized platform that makes data work for you. Your business goals are unique. We want to give you unique insights to achieve them. 

Understand Your Data Story