While big data continues to disrupt nearly every industry and market, it has been particularly disruptive to the logistics industry, helping drive improvements in operational efficiency, customer experience, risk analysis and more. With an effective use of data and the adoption of data-driven solutions, logistics companies can stay relevant and competitive, even amidst the growing dominance of global e-commerce giants.

​Treehouse Technology Group works with logistics companies to develop and implement customized data-driven solutions that provide valuable insight into their business operations and performance. Through the use of predictive analytics, we help logistics companies streamline their business to reduce costs and risks, while improving customer satisfaction and increasing revenue.

Why Logistics Companies Need Data to Survive


  • Warehousing and inventory tracking
  • COGS (Cost of Goods Sold) Analysis
  • Production run forecasting
  • Lot and storage tracking
  • Reporting and Analytics on company operations
  • Customer Service, Accounting, CRM System integration
  • Order management and fulfillment

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