How to Make Your Company’s Internal Data Work for You

As we’ve discussed previously on the Treehouse Technology Group Blog, companies capture data in many ways from many sources.  However, one source that may have greater benefits than previously imagined is your company’s internal data.

Internal data is information, statistics, and trends that organizations discover through their operations. It includes facts and figures that companies pull from internal databases, software, customers, and reports.   

The question is whether or not your company is using this wealth of internal data to benefit your organization.  In order to help with that question, we’ve put together three ways in which your company can make its internal data work for your organization:

  • Sales tools

We aren’t talking about pulling out quarterly sales data and reporting on performance by product line, sales representative, or by period. Instead, we are talking about performing deep customer and sales process profiling to understand the attributes and criteria that leads to better sales. By better sales we mean more profitable, faster and higher close rates.

  • Marketing

Rather than regurgitating what the rest of your industry is saying in their content, sharing your company data allows you to present something unique. Identifying a data strategy and framework to show the benefits of using your products and services can lead to truly unique and powerful stories.  Not only is this interesting to your audience, it is also attractive to publishers looking for original content.

  • Turning data analysis insights into action

Data analytics can help you understand your customers’ behavior and predict how that behavior may change in the future.  Having a way to properly understand your internal data can help you recognize why customers leave, make necessary improvements to your product or services, and target retention campaigns at those customers most at risk of leaving.  Implementing these actionable changes due to internal data insights can help to improve your bottom line.

Next steps  

If your company is sitting on a wealth of internal data that you are not using for sales, marketing and improving your bottom line, the first step is to contact Treehouse Technology Group.  We are the data experts who can work quickly and accurately to create the data dashboards your organization needs to make the most out of its internal data.   

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