Competitive Benchmarking Analysis to Help Grow Your Business

Leveraging Reliable Insights to Become a Data-Driven

Business growth needs to be measured. If your company outgrows its data technology, it outgrows your strategic plan. Make sure that you know your place in the market with verified competitive benchmarking analysis and you can measure your own performance to improve. It does not have to be complicated. Treehouse Technology Group can create competitive benchmarks and automated analysis that leverages your data to create actionable insights as you scale your company.

Analyze Your Performance Against Your Competition 

Our Competitive Benchmarking Analysis Defines a Direct Performance Path:

Data-Defined Benchmarks

Reliable competitive benchmark analysis hinges on clean, consistent data. Our framework integrates diverse data metrics, automating data collection, and cleaning. The result is consistent data you can trust for an objective view of your business strategy and your market.

Performance Inside and Out 

Your best performance to date will not cut it if your competitor did twice as well. Becoming best-in-class is easier when you understand the drivers that differentiate your competition. Get competitive benchmarking analysis that demonstrates your quarter-over-quarter performance side-by-side with where you stand in your market. 

Define Your Differentiators 

Expanding your growth comes from maximizing what your business does best. With complex, comparative benchmark analytics, you can see what sets your super-star division apart and how to apply that competitive advantage company-wide. 

Analysis That Improves 

Insights drive action which drives company-wide change. Real, consistent improvement comes from monitoring progress to your goals and making consistent adjustments. Take the guesswork out of mapping your business strategy with reliable, in-depth competitive benchmark analysis.  

Our Product

Treehouse Technology Group’s InsightOut™ is a data and analytics visualization platform customized to your business goals. Our proprietary framework helps companies understand the market trends influencing their industry and create benchmarks through qualitative and quantitative data. 

With InsightOut™, we create a data visualization approach that identifies inefficiencies and streamlines your reporting process. Our software automates data integration and insights so your employees spend less time on operations and more on the creative work that increases your revenue.  

Have a Better Understanding of Your Analytics and Benchmarks

Who We Are

Fortune 500 companies run $1 billion worth of business through our custom analytics applications. We explored client data from a variety of industries to find the most valuable insights driving complex business problems, leveraging cutting-edge technology. We have used that experience to create a framework for small- and medium-sized businesses to increase revenue, decrease operational expenses, and visualize market trends using qualitative and quantitative data through our latest product, InsightOut™. 

We are not just technical experts, we are strategic business developers and certified experts in complex information exchanges. We take the complex data you have and build a customized platform that makes data work for you. Your business goals are unique. We want to give you unique insights to achieve them. 

Measure Your Business Goals Based on Your Company’s Success