Are Data-Driven Insights Part of Your Growth Strategy?

When an organization is pursuing growth and considering various strategic opportunities such as expansion into new geographies, new product development, diversification, etc., there is a lot at stake. Insights about consumers, markets, economies, geographies, and products prove extremely valuable and can make the difference between sustained success and failure. Yet, not all organizations are equally…Read More

Top 3 Business Analytics Examples From Real Business Cases

why business analytics is so important

While advanced analytics have facilitated business improvements in many organizations, there are some revenue models that would not have even been possible before analytics capabilities were developed.  There are many business analytics examples in manufacturing, retail, healthcare, and banking organizations, but advanced analytics are not confined to these sectors, and are actually touching every aspect…Read More

Top 4 Business Analytics Techniques Companies Need to Adopt

prescriptive analytics

There are four important techniques in business analytics that correspond to the different stages of maturity in the analytics lifecycle. Let’s take a look at them below:  1. Most organizations start their analytics journey by asking ‘what has happened’.  The business analytics technique that answers this question is called descriptive analytics as it provides a…Read More

How AI is Impacting Business Analytics Insights

importance of AI for data analytics

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has permeated many different applications, from house-cleaning robots to self-driving cars and web-based smart assistants. With the proliferation of business data, it’s not surprising that AI is also impacting data analytics and BI tools being used in various industries. Data analytics and BI landscape: Traditional BI tools can no longer effectively process…Read More

How to use Data Mining for Business Analytics

what is data mining

Data mining for business analytics is the process of extracting valuable information from a vast amount of available corporate or consumer data. Businesses are generating huge amounts of data from various applications, IT systems, and databases.  They say that data in most organizations is currently doubling every two years. This data may be stored on…Read More

How to use Analytics to Derive Business Data Insights

how to derive business insights from analytics

What’s your plan for the data you’ve captured about your business? Capturing business data is one thing, and using it proactively to make business decisions is quite another. With the advent of the Big Data era, we’re seeing an explosion in data capture tools and systems. But how many of these systems can actually help…Read More