Build Your Private Equity Portfolio Data

Incorporate Integrated Data and Automated Insights to Increase Performance

Succeeding in today’s world of private equity requires more than an in-depth understanding of each company you work with regularly. You have to use verified data to analyze, manage, and improve each business in your portfolio. Additionally, customers expect real-time reporting and financial analysis at a moment’s notice. At Treehouse Technology Group, we have coupled our years in the finance sector with our technical expertise to create a software solution that makes it possible to integrate data across companies.

Report to Your Investors in Real-Time Using Interactive Dashboards

Use The Data at Your Disposal With Our Advanced Analysis Software:

Increase Access to Data 

Your portfolio companies produce a lot of data in different ways. Make use of it all, no matter what legacy system each business uses. Our seamless data transfer collects and cleans data so you can monitor and track all of your holdings on a single screen and use insights from one company to improve operations at another. 

Real-Time Decision Making

Use constantly updating data to depict budget versus actual versus forecast analytics all in one place, and drill down from that same screen into the details of financial, marketing, sales, operational, and compliance reports to make real-time decisions. Our automated reporting also lets you get information to your investors and equity partners on the timelines they expect. 

Discover Insights Immediately

See your full portfolio performance in a single screenshot, while easily delving into each company with our interactive portfolio data management dashboard. Our software automates insights to help analysts identify potential growth factors and create more accurate forecasts and accountability planning within the system. 

Understand Growth Drivers

Analysts should not be aggregating data and compiling spreadsheets. You need them to think critically about the businesses in your portfolio to understand what is driving investment growth. Our software automates data integration and insights to help analysts identify potential growth factors and create more accurate forecasts and accountability planning within the system.

Our Product

Treehouse Technology Group’s InsightOut™ is a data and analytics visualization platform customized to your business goals. Our proprietary framework helps companies understand the market trends influencing their industry and create benchmarks through qualitative and quantitative data. 

With InsightOut™, we create a data visualization approach that identifies inefficiencies and streamlines your reporting process. Our software automates data integration and insights so your employees spend less time on operations and more on the creative work that increases your revenue.  

Understand The Market Differentiators in Your Portfolio

Who We Are

Fortune 500 companies run $1 billion worth of business through our custom analytics applications. We explored client data from a variety of industries to find the most valuable insights driving complex business problems, leveraging cutting-edge technology. We have used that experience to create a framework for small- and medium-sized businesses to increase revenue, decrease operational expenses, and visualize market trends using qualitative and quantitative data through our latest product, InsightOut™. 

We are not just technical experts, we are strategic business developers and certified experts in complex information exchanges. We take the complex data you have and build a customized platform that makes data work for you. Your business goals are unique. We want to give you unique insights to achieve them. 

Become a Data-Driven Private Equity Investment Firm