5 Reasons to Start Report Automation

Spending hours extracting data and making reports can be a tedious task.  Manually pulling data then cutting and pasting to create reports only to then have to repeat the whole process on a weekly, monthly or quarterly basis is a massive waste of time and money.  

By automating custom reports, there is no longer the need for the time-consuming manual creation.  However, there are many reasons to automate beyond reducing mindless work and we’ve put together five reasons why your organization should start report automation:

  1. Access data you’ve never been able to get before

By implementing report automation you can manipulate data in different ways or ways that would have previously been too cumbersome to do manually.  Through these new manipulations you may be able to garner insights that were previously unknown or inaccessible.

  1. Save time and improve efficiency

Through report automation your organization can drastically reduce the time spent exporting data out of applications and then manipulating that data in an effort to get a final report.  This entire process can be automated so that each time the final report is needed, a user can just click a button.

  1. Reduce errors

Being able to deliver a report quickly is important, but speed means nothing if that report is inaccurate.  Automating reports eliminates the manual errors that inevitably happen when updating manual spreadsheets. Through report automation you can put an end to broken formulas and macros, as well as missing values and references.  

  1. Ensure compliance

Through automated reporting it becomes easier to track who entered what data into your system.  This allows the administrator to investigate anomalies or automatically flagged figures in their reports.  Regulation of system access and error reduction leads to more accurate reporting and higher compliance levels.  

  1. Get an edge on your competitors

According to a report by LinkedIn 92% of businesses say that intelligent automation will be put to wider use within their company during the next 12 months.  By adopting automation earlier than competitors, it will give your organization a leg up in delivering superior customer service and client reporting.   

In conclusion

Bottom line, report automation is an efficient and effective tool that saves organizations time and money.  If a reporting solution is what you are looking for, Treehouse Technology Group can analyze your data and implement the best cost-effective reporting system.  To get started with developing your organization’s custom reports, schedule a free 30-minute consultation today.  

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