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We approached Treehouse Technology Group with the hope of developing an enterprise data management and visualization platform that would allow our company to scale. We were looking for new and better ways for our customers to consume and interact with our proprietary data sets and industry leading content. Treehouse presented TBRI with a solution far superior to what we had envisioned at the onset of our engagement. They not only delivered our solution on-time and within budget, but exhibited a solid understanding of our business needs and worked collaboratively with us throughout the entire process. Anyone in need of a data-driven software solution would be in trusted, reliable hands with Treehouse Technology Group.


Envision Healthcare

I initially reached out to Treehouse Technology Group to rapidly automate a series of our core executive reports. We were operating out of sophisticated excel models that had grown beyond their capacity and I had envisioned replacing these excel spreadsheets with a more robust solution. Chad and the TTG team were very responsive, quick to understand our business, and extremely flexible in meeting our unique challenges. They delivered on my vision to develop an automated platform that all but eliminated the never-ending hours our company spent on reporting.  The platform was so successful in my division it was ultimately rolled out to our entire organization.  

The TTG team was available, efficient and able to make my concept a reality; saving our company significant time, improving our accuracy, and enhancing our overall processes, allowing us to focus on our core business.

Horizon Communications

We are a telecommunications-focused Initial Coin Offering (ICO) startup, headquartered in Bermuda.  We wanted to create a smart contract (a computer protocol that enforces a relationship with cryptographic code).  We needed a secure and robust smart contract that would withstand the perils of open source, as well as vetting from international experts.

Treehouse Technology Group created a custom smart contract implementation, as well as token creation for an ICO. Their team constantly provided input on to the best path to take.  TTG implemented the requested solution under budget and within the allotted time. The quality of its design was very high.  Their team was easy to work with and we were particularly impressed with how they made all of our set deadlines.

iHome Registry


I came to the Treehouse Technology team with a vision for a new web application, but had very little idea on how to go about creating and developing it. I’ve now been working with them for close to a year and I can honestly say that they have gone above and beyond everything I’ve asked of them, exceeding my expectations with every stage of development. From late night phone calls and weekend meetings to hour-long brainstorming and strategy sessions, you would be hard pressed to find another technology services company as dedicated, professional, reliable and knowledgeable as the Treehouse team.

Their responsiveness and execution is unparalleled, from both the development side of the application and the content surrounding its messaging. More than just a vendor, Treehouse has become a trusted partner and advisor in my venture and has earned an immense amount of my respect on both a personal and professional level. I feel as if they truly care about my business’ success and couldn’t recommend them highly enough for anyone looking to turn their vision into a reality.


Patrick Daniels
President & Founder

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Compliance Designs

I am president of a consulting company specializing in bottled water/beverage regulations. We work with bottled water and beverage companies across the US and internationally, helping them to comply with the various state and federal regulations including analytical testing, permits, and product labeling requirements.

We wanted to rewrite and modernize our 10-year-old client portal and document management application. We were running the application on an old in-house server and we also wanted to migrate to cloud-based hosting and AWS.

Treeehouse Technology Group totally revamped the app, starting with a prototype. We made changes until we were happy with it and then migrated 10 years of data to the new application. They kept the old application running until everything was secure in the new system. Once we felt comfortable with the way it was working, they made the new version live.

They added several new features and made sure our subscribers never lost connectivity. They improved the usability of the app by making the upload process simpler and allowing multiple document uploads. They also migrated our company website to the cloud. They made several changes based upon our suggestions and were very accommodating of all our requests.

Our clients are happy with the new design for the new application. Since the migration of our app to a cloud server, we’ve experienced no downtime.  The project from start to finish was seamless.


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Owens Corning
Apex Lighting Solutions

Apex Lighting Solutions

I met Darton over two years ago and would highly recommend Darton and his team to anyone. Treehouse Tech helped my company develop a custom solution that enabled us to consolidate relevant industry information. Treehouse Tech's knowledge and creative approach have been a tremendous asset to my company.


Clint MacKeen
President & Owner – Apex Lighting Solutions

National Benefit Advisors US

National Benefit Advisors US

To whom it may concern,

My name is Bob Segar and I am CEO of National Benefit Advisors US, an employee benefits brokerage firm. Two years ago our business had grown to the point where we needed to create our own website. I reached out to a couple of my business colleagues and one recommended that I contact Darton Rose, I am glad I did.

The entire Treehouse team were great to work with, very knowledgeable, creative and responsive.

I would highly recommend Darton and his team for website and database development.


Bob Segar
CEO – National Benefit Advisors US