Providing Inspiration One Plant at a Time

Open Work Building

With all of the hype surrounding open work spaces in recent years, businesses have been exploring ways to promote communication, collaboration and creativity. However, moving to open spaces has had mixed results. Those who work best in solitude, need privacy or simply can’t uncover creative insight while residing in a noisy workspace, are loathe to enter the office day-to-day and begin to feel stressed. However, the dividing, soulless cubicles of the past (and present) aren’t the answer either. If you dive deeper it appears a mix of open spaces, private rooms, and movable furniture might be the best way to foster employee creativity. Then there is Amazon’s newest creative experiment, Sphere’s, which is set to launch in 2018. By combining a lush interior set at 72 degrees, with 60% humidity, Amazon is looking at new ways to inspire their employees. “A direct link to nature” is what Amazon believes is missing from the current office experience and there is data to back that up. According to an article by The Public health Service, the theoretical question of, “Does contact with nature promote health?’ has previously been explored, and the answer is yes.

Personally, having worked in cubicles, indoor offices, offices with a great window view, and out of my home, the most inspiring places I have worked were those that more closely connected my team with nature. Indoor plants help clean the air, destress the environment and provide a brief respite for the weary mind. The world is an amazing place, and sometimes making a connection with it while indoors forces a new perspective. Adding plants to an otherwise barren office landscape is a quick, inexpensive way to promote health, creativity and inspiration. Small, positive landscape changes over time will work their way into your team providing the boost that is needed during those hard times. When the air is fresher, employees are happier and more prone to collaboration.