Data Visualization Techniques

data visualization techniques

There are many data visualization techniques that can be used to present your business’s information. While some software provides fancy, intricate techniques, we shouldn’t underestimate the value of simple graphical representation such as line diagrams, pie charts, etc.  After all, we learned to interpret these from a young age, so they still work very well…Read More

Top 5 Data Visualization Advantages

Top 5 data visualization advantages

There are many data visualization advantages that can help generate better results. Data visualization takes myriad data and synthesizes it into new forms.  This visually presented data enables viewers to easily explore it, understand it, and engage with it in ways most relevant to them.  With powerful applications in a variety of different situations, data…Read More

Importance of Data Visualization for Your Business

Importance of data visualization for business

Data visualization is a way to represent information graphically that highlights patterns and trends and enables viewers to get quick insights. Color, brightness, size, shape, and motion of visual objects are used to present data, which aid interpretation in ways that just text or numbers or simple graphs do not. The visualization options go far…Read More

How to Analyze and Process Unstructured Data

how to analyze unstructured data

A vast majority of the data that is generated in the real world is unstructured and is vital to further our understanding of the world.  While the analysis of structured data can help us to know what is happening, it is unstructured data that may reveal why. Because unstructured data doesn’t fit neatly into the…Read More

How is Data Stored?

how is data stored

While data is acknowledged as the basis for business strategy and competitive advantage, the storage of that same data is often overlooked, or treated as a commodity. It’s time to change that — because how data is stored has a profound impact on your business, affecting data security, productivity, and costs.  Why the right data…Read More

What is Semi-Structured Data? 5 Key Things to Know

what is semi structured data

In order to make meaning out of data, it has to be effectively organized, stored and analyzed. That’s why it’s important to know the nature of the data — specifically whether it’s structured or unstructured. Structured data fits into predefined fields and can be organized into a spreadsheet or a relational database, while unstructured data…Read More

8 Examples of Unstructured Data

unstructured data examples

The various kinds of data that are generated through a variety of sources at practically every moment are categorized as structured, unstructured or semi-structured. In our previous post, we saw that unstructured data is usually complex and heterogeneous and cannot be mapped to a predefined structure such as a data table or a relational database. …Read More