How the Staffing Industry Can Benefit From Automation

  It’s difficult to dispute the value derived from investing in business process and automation solutions. It’s proven to increase efficiencies, save time and money, and eliminate errors, among many other benefits, for companies across industries and of varying sizes. Indeed, the enterprise automation and AI market is booming and is expected to reach $10…Read More

4 Key Steps for Planning a Successful ICO

Don’t let the numbers fool you: planning a successful ICO is no easy feat. While there has been a flurry of ICO activity over the past year, the fact remains that the vast majority of token sales don’t reach their cap, and more than 50 percent barely get over their minimum threshold. Even so, many…Read More

Do You Trust Your Data?

Weighing out the risk-benefit analysis of actions is an inherent human condition.  In prehistoric times people had to ask themselves, “Should I trade my food for this axe?”, “Is that person my friend or my enemy?”, “Should I fight or run from this predator?” and make decisions using the information surrounding them. Fast forward to…Read More

Is Your Data Strategy on the Offense or Defense?

Consider this: in 1992, global internet networks carried roughly 100 GB of traffic per day. Ten years later, global internet traffic amounted to 100 Gigabytes per second (GBps). In 2016, global internet traffic reached more than 20,00 GBps – and surpassed one zettabyte for the first time – the equivalent, as this article reports, of…Read More

Forget Bitcoins, It’s All About The Blockchain

Anyone paying attention to the cryptocurrency market this week would agree that, for all the hype it has generated over the past year, it remains rather volatile. The value of Bitcoin plunged to $10,000 – a 50 percent drop from its 2017 peak – while other currencies, such as Ethereum, Ripple and Litecoin, have experienced…Read More