Guest Blog: Best Network Security Practices For 2019

A guest blog from Andrew Gazdecki at Foxpass. Foxpass increases your organization’s server and network security by ensuring employee accounts have access only to what they need. Their cloud-based LDAP, RADIUS, and server access control systems help you bring best security practices to your infrastructure. The network security industry is in a perpetual game of cat and rat (sorry,…Read More

Unleashing Your Data to Increase Profits

  Last year, American software company Monetate released a report exploring how personalizing business communications can benefit a company.  The report included the results of a survey of more than 130 senior marketers at companies across the country. Among the report’s key finding was that personalization efforts increase profitability.  According to the report, 95 percent…Read More

Do You Trust Your Data?

Weighing out the risk-benefit analysis of actions is an inherent human condition.  In prehistoric times people had to ask themselves, “Should I trade my food for this axe?”, “Is that person my friend or my enemy?”, “Should I fight or run from this predator?” and make decisions using the information surrounding them. Fast forward to…Read More

Slowing Down to Speed Up

In our fast-paced world, it can sometimes be challenging for companies to take a step back before acting on impulse. They’re told they must keep changing and adapting to an ever-evolving landscape in order to stay relevant and competitive in today’s market. While this is certainly true, sometimes more harm can be done if they…Read More