How to Make Your Company’s Internal Data Work for You

As we’ve discussed previously on the Treehouse Technology Group Blog, companies capture data in many ways from many sources.  However, one source that may have greater benefits than previously imagined is your company’s internal data. Internal data is information, statistics, and trends that organizations discover through their operations. It includes facts and figures that companies…Read More

Q&A with JD Roger

Q: JD, welcome to the Treehouse Technology Group team!  We’re thrilled to have you on board. To introduce you to our readers, could you give a little background on yourself? A: Sure! I grew up in North Central Massachusetts and after high school attended Boston University, where I graduated summa cum laude in Political Science…Read More

Why Data Strategy Needs to Include a Robust Data Architecture

Recently, on the Treehouse Technology Group blog we’ve discussed the importance of data strategy.  However, an important factor in establishing an effective data strategy is to include a robust data architecture.   Let’s begin with defining data architecture.  According to the Harvard Business Review, data architecture “describes how data is collected, stored, transformed, distributed and…Read More

How Data Analytics Will Transform Private Equity

The private equity industry is just beginning to tap into the power of data to evaluate potential investment targets and grow portfolio companies. There are several underlying technology trends at play to enable the rise of big data, including enormous increases in computing power, cloud computing architecture and inexpensive storage. Leveraging the right data analytics…Read More

How the CPG industry can benefit from automation

Consumer packaged goods (CPG) are items used daily by consumers that require routine replacement such as food, beverages, clothes, tobacco, makeup, and household products. While consumer demand for CPGs largely remains constant, this is also a highly competitive sector where consumers can easily switch their brand loyalty. Getting the right product to the right place…Read More

The Importance of Data Integration for Your Business Success

When quality data is used for insights, enterprise businesses perform better. Extracting these insights from high volumes of data requires a robust and seamless data integration system. Businesses store their data in a variety of formats from databases to data warehouses.  Information gets added to these data stores on a daily basis, although much of…Read More

Indicators of Project Success

Defining the success of a project can be a difficult endeavor.  This is because project success is subjective. One project might be deemed a success if it adheres to the planned timeline, another if it stays within its initial budget, and still another if it avoids scope creep.   As projects are a major investment…Read More