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Open Work Building

With all of the hype surrounding open work spaces in recent years, businesses have been exploring ways to promote communication, collaboration and creativity. However, moving to open spaces has had mixed results. Those who work best in solitude, need privacy or simply can’t uncover creative insight while residing in a noisy workspace, are loathe to…Read More

The Power of a Successful Data Strategy Part 1

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Harnessing the power of data is a critical component to any large company’s operating strategy. For the past 10 years, large businesses have invested heavily in building out the infrastructure needed to capture, standardize and report on transactional data from disparate critical access points across their enterprises. As a result, companies who have executed a…Read More

A Surprising Truth about Successful Entrepreneurs

When people think of entrepreneurs, they tend to see them as the ultimate risk-takers: people who unabashedly take a chance on something they believe in. People who enjoy going out on a limb, taking leaps into the unknown and thrive on uncertainty. But, it isn’t necessarily so. In fact, entrepreneurs are more risk-averse – and…Read More

What’s Your Story?

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We all have a story to tell. A goal we’re pursuing. An idea we’re implementing. A dream we are trying to fulfill. But, how should you communicate it? What words should you use? What platforms should you target? What should you say to reach and attract your audience? And, more importantly, why is content important?…Read More

How Big Data Impacts You & Your Business

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Big Data. You might think the term belongs to tech geeks, engineers or math aficionados, but it actually impacts you on a daily basis, whether you know it or not. For proof, consider this: every minute of every day we send 204 million emails, generate 1.8 million Facebook likes, send 278,000 tweets and upload 200,000…Read More